Welcome to DIY Home Server

The guide to creating your own home server.

Welcome! Here you can find all the information needed to run a home server from the ground up, from the raw hardware to software required and configuration. An old PC and an DSL or cable connection is all that's needed to get started.

A home server brings new benefits to get your digital life more organised and work better for you, plus will help in getting a better online presence for a much lower cost than other online services. Its surprisingly easy to run your own server and is a great learning tool for all aspects of computers, networking and the internet.

Ready? Then check out the Getting Started sections to learn about how servers work and what is needed for a smooth server experience as well as Basic Setup. When up and running the Roles section contains information and walkthrough guides on the different services a home server bring to make things easier for you.

Finally check out the About section for information on my home server and how this website is delivered to your screen, and my server related Blog posts for new info and ideas to make the home server maintenance easier.